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With increasingly widespread debates, a broader field of activism and greater equality in the balance of power, traditional communication procedures and the mere deployment of resources are proving more and more inadequate. Economic and political leaders now need to adopt new strategic approaches. Antidox supports its clients by clarifying their decisions, helping them give new meaning to worn-out language, and introducing strategies designed to achieve an effect, not merely deploy resources. Our advice is shored up by our expertise in new economic and social phenomena, which is based on a relationship with the academic world, experimentation with new economic models and the analysis of new forms of public opinion.

Are video games out of control?

Olivier Mauco’s latest book, Jeux vidéo : hors de contrôle ? (i.e. “Are video games out of control?”), was published in February 2014.

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Where text and picture meet

The Grasset publishing house released teasers advertising its publications, in an effort to find new ways of attracting bookstores and readers

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Moxity is a pioneer in next-generation online ticketing. The platform, launched in 2008, advertises and sells tickets for various events

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FDJ proves that gaming is more than plain entertainment

In December 2013, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of its establishment, FDJ (Française des Jeux) held a series of roundtables to discuss the impact of gaming on our society and lives.

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The "Smart cities" report by the Institut de l'entreprise

In November 2013, French business think tank L’Institut de l’Entreprise issued a report on “smart cities” in the run-up to the March 2014 municipal elections

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Games as means of communication

The article published by Olivier Mauco for EBG[1] entitled “Media games: communiquer par le jeu vidéo” (communicate through video games) shows that the distinction between games, fiction and society is a relatively recent one, as the Roman empire put sporting and theatrical events at the heart of its political system

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GTA IV: the dark side of the American dream

Olivier Mauco wrote a book on the Grand Theft Auto video game, which he considers to be part of pop culture: “the dark side of the American dream”

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Strasbourg Music Festival

Candid & Young was the art director of the 2014 Strasbourg Music Festival.

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Flype is a mere a piece of Styrofoam that spins its way through the air at the tip of your fingers.

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A conductor in Strasbourg

In September 2012, world-renowned Slovenian conductor Marko Letonja was appointed director of the Strasbourg Philharmonic

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Rexel-CGEMP symposium

On the 24th of January 2012, Antidox organized a meeting between the electrical supplies wholesaler Rexel and the experts of the CGEMP.

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Energy 3.0

President Rudy Provoost had his book Energie 3.0 published by Le Cherche-Midi

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