AntidoxStrategy in ideasCommunication and opinion strategy consultancy

With increasingly widespread debates, a broader field of activism and greater equality in the balance of power, traditional communication procedures and the mere deployment of resources are proving more and more inadequate. Economic and political leaders now need to adopt new strategic approaches. Antidox supports its clients by clarifying their decisions, helping them give new meaning to worn-out language, and introducing strategies designed to achieve an effect, not merely deploy resources. Our advice is shored up by our expertise in new economic and social phenomena, which is based on a relationship with the academic world, experimentation with new economic models and the analysis of new forms of public opinion.


Covivo has been a car-pooling expert since 2009

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International barometer for energy efficiency

On 14 October 2011, Harris Interactive published an international study on energy efficiency commissioned by Rexel

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Stand Alone Media

Stand Alone Media was launched in 2010 in a bid to become the first digital video encyclopaedia and “create emotion through knowledge”

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Candid & Young art strategy

Antidox' creative agency Candid & Young specializes in art strategy and brand image management

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Fort McMonney

Last February, Franco-German public television channel Arte hired journalist David Dufresne to work on an unprecedented format, a mixture of web-documentary and video game

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Candid & Young revamps Sofitel’s image

Candid & Young supervised photo shootings in various Sofitel hotels

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AFMM and Médiamétrie survey

The French Association for Mobile Multimedia (AFMM), together with French audience measurement company Médiamétrie, conducted a prospective survey on French online payment habits

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Cercle K2 to decompartmentalize security issues

Cercle K2 is a multidisciplinary think and do tank which brings together experts and professionals and helps public and private decision makers anticipate economic risks and develop their activities.

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"Culture Monde": Video-Games

On 26 December 2013, as part of a special week devoted to video games, gamification expert Olivier Mauco was a guest at Christophe Payet’s “Culture Monde” on French national public radio France Culture

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Candid & Young supports young directors

Candid & Young supports a pool of young directors, such as Régina Demina

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The "Industry 4.0" White Paper by Gimelec

In September 2013, Gimelec, a French electrical supplies trade association bringing together 200 companies with a view to promoting energy intelligence, published a white paper entitled Industry 4.0.

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Candid & Young advises R4

Since 2013, Guillaume de Sardes and Candid & Young have been advising Nelly Wenger, head of the R4 project, a contemporary art centre designed by famous architect Jean Nouvel.

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