The Institut Choiseul and Antidox are launching “Choiseul Magazine”, a new online information source

“News from the business world and society’s key debates from those shaping them”

The Institut Choiseul, a think-tank specialising in identifying and networking the most talented young business managers of their generation, and Antidox, a communication strategy group with a heavy focus on the digital sector, are launching “Choiseul Magazine”, a one-stop media source dedicated to covering news in the global economic world, leadership and society’s key debates by those shaping them.

Each day, Choiseul Magazine proposes editorial content comprised of analyses, the presentation of managers, interviews and coverage of news items related to leadership, economic news and society’s key debates. It provides a forum for experts and managers of companies, NGOs and major public institutions. With an operational vision based on the experience of these contributors and with a clear objective in mind: letting those who make the news analyse and explain it for the benefit of all.

Choiseul Magazine is a completely independent media source and does not support a single cause, regardless of its interest or value. It offers a global viewpoint but as a priority covers strategic themes linked to the Institut Choiseul, national and European news but also news from emerging or strategic regions.

Choiseul Magazine is available for viewing on the Internet ( but also on the different social networks including: Twitter (@ChoiseulMag), Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube.

The Institut Choiseul’s President, Pascal Lorot, stated that: “I am delighted by this excellent partnership with Antidox. Together, our joint ambition is to provide information to help people better understand the issues concerning us, and particularly those of an economic nature. And what could be better than drawing upon the stakeholders involved themselves, giving them an opportunity to explain and analyse their strategies, the major underlying trends and possible future developments”.

Xavier Desmaison, CEO of Antidox, added that: “Choiseul magazine is the magazine that brings you ‘the news by those who make it’, and as such is synonymous with Antidox’s core goal of helping managers and creators to convey their vision. The Institut Choiseul’s experience in the economic, societal and geopolitical fields and its capacity to identify young managers enables Choiseul Magazine to propose unique editorial content. Antidox contributes its experience in the construction of corporate digital media, the production of high quality content and the deployment of state-of-the-art ‘marketing services’ solutions”.