Stratégie digitale Transdev

Très heureux d’avoir contribué, aux côtés de Pascale Giet, à la définition de la stratégie digitale de Transdev, acteur majeur de la mobilité du quotidien au service des collectivités et des personnes.

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Fort McMonney

Last February, Franco-German public television channel Arte hired journalist David Dufresne to work on an unprecedented format, a mixture of web-documentary and video game. Dufresne, a web-documentary specialist, paired up with gamification expert Olivier Mauco.

Are video games out of control?

Olivier Mauco’s latest book, Jeux vidéo : hors de contrôle ? (i.e. “Are video games out of control?”), was published in February 2014. Following his previous work on GTA IV, he wrote from a broader perspective and questioned how video games were perceived in France, be it from an industrial, political or ethical point of view.


Moxity is a pioneer in next-generation online ticketing. The platform, launched in 2008, advertises and sells tickets for various events. The way it works is quite simple: after creating a free account, users upload their events and determine the number and price of tickets to be put up for sale

The “Smart cities” report by the Institut de l’entreprise

In November 2013, French business think tank L’Institut de l’Entreprise issued a report on “smart cities” in the run-up to the March 2014 municipal elections. It was drafted by the think tank’s “public performance committee”, chaired by Augustin de Romanet and headed by Julien Damon.

“Culture Monde”: Video-Games

On 26 December 2013, as part of a special week devoted to video games, gamification expert Olivier Mauco was a guest at Christophe Payet’s “Culture Monde” on French national public radio France Culture. Along with international experts Gonzalo Frasca and Navid Khonsari, he discussed the various ideologies underlying video games.

AFMM and Médiamétrie survey

The French Association for Mobile Multimedia (AFMM), together with French audience measurement company Médiamétrie, conducted a prospective survey on French online payment habits which sheds light on users’ reluctance to pay small sums with a credit card

FDJ proves that gaming is more than plain entertainment

In December 2013, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of its establishment, FDJ (Française des Jeux) held a series of roundtables to discuss the impact of gaming on our society and lives. The event was part of a five-day exhibition at the Gaîté Lyrique, designed by Clémence Farell as a large gaming room. It brought together diverse personalities, such as TV host Denis Brogniart, tennis player Marion Bartoli and sailor Isabelle Autissier.

The “Industry 4.0” White Paper by Gimelec

In September 2013, Gimelec, a French electrical supplies trade association bringing together 200 companies with a view to promoting energy intelligence, published a white paper entitled Industry 4.0.

The paper starts with an assessment of the crisis in the French manufacturing sector, whose share of GDP has dropped from 18% to 12% in the last twelve years

GTA IV: the dark side of the American dream

Olivier Mauco wrote a book on the Grand Theft Auto video game, which he considers to be part of pop culture: “the dark side of the American dream”

As the title suggests, Mauco believes that GTA (particularly its fourth, more developed version) subverts great American myths (the self-made man, the mass media, urban planning…) and uses references to pop culture, chief among which movies, in order to reach the largest possible audience