Stratégie digitale Transdev

Très heureux d’avoir contribué, aux côtés de Pascale Giet, à la définition de la stratégie digitale de Transdev, acteur majeur de la mobilité du quotidien au service des collectivités et des personnes.

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Antidox’s first six months in London

With offices in the world’s leading cities for innovation – Paris, New York – Antidox continues to extend its global expertise and outreach. In December 2015, Antidox opened a new office in London while launching a new integrated offer dedicated to start-ups and also digital transformation for corporate clients.

The Partech Shaker: Open Innovation in France’s Silicon Sentier

Partech Ventures’ 17 December inauguration of the Partech Shaker was groundbreaking for the venture capital fund. No VC has launched such a project before; as the world’s first open innovation campus, it houses forty-odd digital startups across nine floors in the old Figaro offices in Paris.

IDPI Launches Study to Monitor Online Hate Speech

Antidox’s non-profit think-tank Idpi is undertaking a long-term study into new forms of hate speech, through the collection and analysis of online exchanges and comments in social media. The monitoring process plans to test new methodologies for studying online public opinion (machine learning, data analysis) and will increase understanding of how stereotypes emerge and are consolidated

Candid & Young advises R4

Since 2013, Guillaume de Sardes and Candid & Young have been advising Nelly Wenger, head of the R4 project, a contemporary art centre designed by famous architect Jean Nouvel. Located on the site of former Renault factories on the Seguin Island in Boulogne Billancourt, the uniquely modular and versatile construction intends to be a multipurpose facility: it will include exhibition rooms, a sales area as well as workshops.

Strasbourg Music Festival

Candid & Young was the art director of the 2014 Strasbourg Music Festival. The agency designed the festival’s poster, logo and 68-page brochure and supervised the redesign of its website.

Stand Alone Media

Stand Alone Media was launched in 2010 in a bid to become the first digital video encyclopaedia and “create emotion through knowledge”. While the internet tends to show rather than explain, the SAM network culls and creates contents so that a whole host of ideas can reach out to the largest possible audience. Users sign up, indicate their areas of interest, and are then offered to stream different ad hoc channels, while being able to subscribe to other users’ threads. They can thus explore and learn in an independent way, on a “stand alone” basis.


Covivo has been a car-pooling expert since 2009. At a time when municipalities strive to cut traffic and private vehicles are made less and less necessary for city-dwellers, car-share has become increasingly popular, especially since digital technologies have helped develop a wide range of car-pooling solutions.