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Opinion Design/Data Design

Existing technological tools have redefined the notion of public opinion and the studies that can be undertaken beyond simple opinion polls, thanks to data mining, map-making, statistics and lexicometry. Public opinion has become more complex, because it can be followed in a large number of places and media on a global scale (i.e. in several different countries and languages). New forms of analysis make it easier to understand the forces structuring the transitions at work in different economic and social sectors. They also aid reflection on how public debates and differences of opinion can be structured and delineated, hence the notion of “design”.

Game design

The idea behind gamification concerns importing game mechanisms into interactions between an organisation and its public. Games have always been a serious activity. Today, they involve training (serious games), collaboration (social games), advertising (advergaming) and corporate communication. They help people to acquire skills while experiencing new situations. In the line of behavioural and “nudge” economics, they are a major lever for fostering virtuous behaviour in the individual. Antidox experiments with new forms of games, particularly in digital spaces.

Clean & smart

With the intelligent city, smart grids, building management systems, the self-consumption of solar energy, ESCO and home automation models, the convergence between the world of energy and digital technologies is reconfiguring entire economic sectors. Innovations lie at the meeting point of technologies, services and financial tools. They open out to energy savings, reduced CO2 emissions and progress in terms of health and lifestyle.

New Economic And Social Models

Antidox provides kick-start investment funds, and assists innovative projects that invent new business models or open out new economic and social fields, such as the sharing economy, micro-payment, new forms of knowledge transfer and the silver economy.

Antidox Lab gathers the innovation and reflection activities of the firm. It is destined to create and support the growth of startups, to invent new social forms and to help large corporations to integrate ground-breaking innovations.

Join us

You are a researcher, you run or create a startup and have a project in connection with the lab's work?

The Lab has founded multiple structures, including Civic Fab, an independant and non-profit making thinking laboratory which aims to better understand and define the ”digital disruption” and “third industrial revolution” boundaries, for public and private decision-makers and the public at large.

Ethical Charter

The Scientific Board

The scientific board of Antidox helps the consulting firm and its laboratory to better perceive on-going trends in economic and public areas.

Claude Bébéar

Président du Conseil de surveillance d’Axa
Président de l’Institut Montaigne

Régis Debray

Écrivain, philosophe, médiologue
Président d’honneur de l’Institut Européen en science des religions

Philippe Faure

Ancien ambassadeur de France au Japon
Ancien président de Marsh & McLennan

Pascale Giet

Directrice de la communication du groupe Transdev

Henri Lachmann

Président du Conseil de surveillance de Schneider Electric

Michel Maffesoli

Vice-président de l’Institut international de Sociologie

Jean-Luc Mano

Ancien journaliste, consultant

Jean-Robert Pitte

Président de la Société de géographie

Christian Saint-Étienne

Professeur de la Chaire d’Économie industrielle au Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers Membre du Conseil d’Analyse Économique

Denis Tillinac