Why Antidox ?

About us

Antidox is a consulting firm recognized for its expertise in communications strategy and specialized in complex online influence issues. Created in 2010, Antidox and its subsidiaries have more than 50 employees and around 100 active clients. We support executives in their positioning at the heart of the debate on ideas and organizations in their digital advocacy strategies: from decision-makers to influencers, from consumers to employees.Carried out in collaboration with researchers, Antidox’s work is based on the new forms of opinion and public debate, mainly favoured by digital.

Our strengths and expertise: 1/ Executive coaching 2/ Large-scale communication on social networks 3/ Crisis management 4/ Sensitive communication and public affairs strategies, which require going deep into the issues.

In 2015, the Antidox group launched the digital marketing agency Monolith Partners, a “brandtech agency” chaired by Laurent Foisset. In 2021, it strengthened its positioning by acquiring ComCorp, an agency specializing in augmented media relations, effectively integrating media relations and social media. In 2022, in partnership with the Choiseul Institute, it will launch the strategy and economic diplomacy consultancy Choiseul Advisory, chaired by Pascal Lorot.

Our Values

We guarantee our clients a high level of service, chiefly based on discretion, flexibility, availability and reliability. We systematically strive to avoid yielding to the trends of the moment, pre-conceived ideas and easy solutions. We invent or deploy tech innovations to serve the communication and image of organizations. We seek first to do no harm and we work to develop a quality information ecosystem (moderation of fake news, online hate, conspiracy theories).

Our Approach

We constantly seek to combine three types of requirement: data analysis, creativity, and informed discussion focused on the facts. We pinpoint and analyse high added-value information for our clients and propose appropriate strategies for action to obtain the best advantage or minimise impact. We help them to control and enhance their image and reputation, i.e. through dialogue and links that could be created with all their stakeholders. We present a vision and ideas with a fresh feel to make audiences think more critically about clichés or platitudes and enable them to approach a question from another point of view.

Our vision

A company’s strategy increasingly needs to integrate a vital imperative: contributing to the ecosystem of opinions, ideas and imagination in which the organisation is developing, in order to influence rather than be influenced. This implies taking part in dialogues, with the aim of raising the quality of debates and the level of discussion. It still needs to invent a vision and a style, create a debate based on the facts, and choose a strategy based on handling the best channels, whether these are online or offline.

In terms of digital strategies, the Antidox team adopt an approach that is both exploratory and critical, enabling them to help organisations deploy all types of behaviour, ranging from cautious adaptation (such as digitising the organisation or setting up tried and tested tools) to the invention of new methods (testing innovations and benchmarks).

The “Doxa”

“Popular opinion” for the Ancient Greeks.

In other words pre-conceived ideas, platitudes, reputation, brand image, rumours, the consumer experience, and so on.

With today’s dematerialised economy, the Internet, mobile phones, television, community-spirited participation and experiential marketing, popular opinion has become a decisive factor in the value Of Companies And Organisations – In Other Words, The Chief Component Of Their Intangible Assets.

The “Dox”

All the personal information disseminated on the Internet, often against the wishes of its owner.

The difficulty in controlling the circulation and display of data, particularly personal information, is contributing to the expansion of the public space and the transformation of the private sphere. In this new environment, the reputation of organisations and their managers has become unstable and volatile.

An Antidote…

To fight…

To fight against pre-conceived ideas and attacks on one’s reputation.

To analyse…

To analyse a sector without submitting to platitudes and current thinking.

To anticipate…

To anticipate new forms of consumer behaviour and identify productive societal trends in terms of “buzz” and services or products.

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Ethical charter

As part of its activity, Antidox has created an investment fund for energising new innovative projects or those with a positive social impact, such as research associations and start-ups dedicated to clean tech and social entrepreneurship.

Antidox helps to keep the public informed as regards promoting questions of development, sustainable development and ethical thinking about issues raised by scientific progress, by:

  • Participating in conferences, especially those relating to issues of responsible communication
  • Expressing its vision of the sector, through joint work with experts and associations
  • Permitting its employees to take part in communication activities on behalf of causes linked with its ethical charter, in liaison with the firm
  • When performing its missions, the firm takes care not to convey any demeaning and/or dehumanising representations of any social, ethnic or gender group.

« Power is actualized only where word and deed have not parted company, where words are not empty and deeds not brutal, where words are not used to veil intentions but to disclose realities, and where deeds are not used to violate and destroy but to establish relations and create new realities. »

Hannah Arendt, The Human Condition