Idpi (Ideas, Practices, Innovation)


From now on the Antidox Lab will operate on a new basis, as a non-profit, independent association. Idpi (Ideas, Practices, Innovations) aims to support researchers, especially young ones, working on the following themes: opinion mining and the emergence of new opinions online, gamification, the Internet of things, green technologies, and new economic models.

The field of research covers what has been hailed as the Third Industrial Revolution, the spread of digital technologies throughout all sectors of the economy. How can companies, states, local authorities, charities, and individuals benefit from it? What risks are there, and what are its ethical and philosophical limitations? How can developments be quantified and qualified?

Although Idpi is Antidox’s Laboratory, it remains independent and controls its own research agenda. The association leads research projects jointly or co-financed with private businesses, local and national administrative offices, and charitable foundations.

Idpi’s goal is not only to enable the emergence of new ideas, but also new thinkers and writers. Far from promoting a single worldview, the association wants to help free up subversive ‘strange, and sometimes disturbing’ ideas. Idpi’s aim is to make space for new thoughts to be thought.