Opinion Way survey-Rexel

The Rexel Foundation commissioned Opinion Way to conduct a survey on consumers from four countries, which shows a behaviour shift towards a more responsible and moderate use of energy.

Overall, the study demonstrates consumer concern over energy bills and even a notion that users can save money by investing in energy efficient products. Respondents from all four countries (France, the UK, Germany and the US) are also aware that it is above all a change in their own habits that can improve energy efficiency in their homes and thus help them save more. Besides, it appears that energy efficiency is appealing not only in financial terms, but also as a way of improving living standards: all of the people surveyed admitted that they fear the economic, social and environmental consequences that would ensue if nothing was done to improve energy efficiency.

Nevertheless, noteworthy national differences can be observed. For instance, US respondents put a stronger emphasis on personal involvement than their European counterparts: 42% of the former see users as primarily responsible for energy efficiency, before energy experts and governments, compared with only 30 to 34% of the latter. When it comes to a shift in personal habits, however, a majority of French and British respondents say that they are willing to change their behaviours in order to save money, while Americans show less inclination to do so and Germans seem to prefer investing in energy efficient appliances.

This growing awareness of energy efficiency can only be welcomed by Rexel and its Foundation for a better energy future: users trust such companies to help them cut their energy bills and plan to fit their homes with new smart solutions in the coming years, especially those that can help them change their consumption habits.