Social Media Week-CQTM

Justin Poncet attended the 2013 Social Media Week, an event organized by CQTM (standing for C’est quoi ton mail?, a colloquial French phrase meaning “What’s your e-mail address?” ), a young business think tank specialized on the latest trends in the internet industry. The openly unconventional “anti-conference”, entitled Social Media Bullshit, provided offbeat assessments of the internet industry and its myths; topics addressed included open data (“Can open data save a village in the French countryside?”), start-up companies (“How to kill your fledgling business in 20 PowerPoint slides?”) and Facebook (“Are Facebook fans a brand’s worst enemy?”). Justin Poncet’s talk was on “How Twitter destroyed my business”.

The event brought together about a hundred people to attend “ignite” presentations (i.e. not exceeding five minutes each). Participants included professionals from a wide range of sectors, such as blogger Marion Meyer (Le monde tranquille de Marion, “Marion’s quiet world”) and political specialist Joël Gombin.