Moxity is a pioneer in next-generation online ticketing. The platform, launched in 2008, advertises and sells tickets for various events. The way it works is quite simple: after creating a free account, users upload their events and determine the number and price of tickets to be put up for sale.  The only cost is a service fee whose amount depends on the subsequent sales.

The website was founded by two friends, Sébastien Arnoult, a journalist, and Ambroise Confetti, a computer engineer, with the help of Antoine Wolff, a classmate of Arnoult’s at Sciences Po. The idea emerged when the three of them were faced with the difficulty of finding an audience for the screening of a documentary they had shot. An event-based social networking tool, Moxity supports independent artists and producers who do not have access to major distribution channels, and therefore struggle to find venues to make their work known. By offering the widest possible range of cultural events, it differentiates itself from mainstream ticketing services.

Supported by Sciences Po’s business incubator and public bank Oséo, this 100% web-based service has succeeded in promoting more than 6,000 events and selling millions of tickets. It recently opened a subsidiary in Brazil.