Cercle K2 to decompartmentalize security issues

Cercle K2 is a multidisciplinary think and do tank which brings together experts and professionals and helps public and private decision makers anticipate economic risks and develop their activities. In today’s complex world, the emergence of new players and modes of action blurs conventional divides and challenges the institutions which hitherto had been the backbone of our societies. From now on, corporations as well as governments must see security as a global issue.

While it may be tempting to assign seemingly separate issues to different experts, thus compartmentalizing and complicating reality, it is actually crucial to take a global approach to contemporary challenges. General Jean-Pierre Meyer, president of Cercle K2, says he aims at informing decision-makers on the realities of our modern world, which has moved far away from the Cold War and even from the immediate post-Cold War environment. The former Saint-Cyr student and senior intelligence official (Comité interministériel du Renseignement) brought together over 300 founding members, including a wide range of risk management experts such as lawyer Jean-Michel Icard, Driss Aït Youssef (president of the Léonard de Vinci Institute), Bernard Archilla (deputy director of innovation at GDF-Suez), Jean-Louis Fiamenghi (director of safety at Veolia) and Vanessa Mendez (director of development at PlaNet Finance).

Cercle K2 provides members with studies and analyses in various fields (sciences, economy, media, justice…) and works as an understanding and coordination platform open to those willing to grasp the challenges of the new global ecosystem. Far from seeking to conceptualize and classify new trends, the network relies above all on the assessment of practical issues, in order to provide effective responses to concrete problems.